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Page Title, "Index Of All Stories".

..Table of Contents, "Stories and Recollections of Kent".

        Gramp's Model T
        Knights of the Road
        Early Roads
        The Hard Way
        My Early Recollections of Kent
        A Short Ride
        Blacksmith Shops
        Brown's Forge
        Save the School House?
        Education, Recreation and Health
        Ambulance Barn
        A Parking Problem in Kent
        The Gypsies
        Tradin' at the Store
        Sunday Night Prayer Meeting
        A Bad Morning, A Good Morning
        Woodrow Cannonball
        The Story of Hidden Hollow
        New Yorkers
        Working in the Woods
        A Christmas Story
        Runnin' Water
        Grandma's Pantry
        Cider Time
        Trouble Round the Cobble
        A Time in Kent
        Steve's Auction
        The Last Farmer
        Old Crumple Horn
        Haying Memories
        The Day the Sky Moved
        Old Orchards
        Calf Buyers, Cattle Dealers
        Burn the Swamp
        Old Train Whistle
        As I Remember the Train Wreck
        The Three E's
        Fox Hunt
        The Hunters and Trappers
        A Child's Bank Street Saturday Night
        A Happy Childhood
        The Hermit Rocks
        Girls of Kent and Other Places
        Progress in the Country

..Table of Contents, "Country Living in Kent".

        Getting the Cows
        South Kent
        Farm Pets
        The Eccentrics
        Black Bear
        White Dog
        Freddy Ferret
        Over the Years
        Farming and Driver Ed
        Rural Life
        The First Developer
        Country Girl
        Dairying in Kent
        Milking Time
        The Boarding House Ghost
        Cousin Orlo and the Parachute
        School Kids and Teachers
        Bee Trees
        The Whip
        Death in the Meadow
        Low Cost Housing
        Gramp and the Power Mower
        Beating the Market
        Eels and Snapping Turtles
        Pa and the Chain Saw
        Rough Roads and Late Buses
        Hall of Fame
        Smoking and Dozing
        Deadlocked Jury
        Cutting Ice
        Four Buckle Flappers
        Remembered Visit
        Low Pay and High Learning
        Old Fashioned Christmas
        Christmas Shopping
        Daily Papers and Mail Orders
        Yankee Thrift
        Articulate Farmers
        Child Psychology and the Telephone
        Young Dan Duvall
        Old Philip

..Table of Contents, "Old Times and Old Timers".

        The Dynamiter
        John Brown
        The Deacon's Daughter
        Doc Ball
        Still of the Night
        Dave Smith
        Auction Sales
        Old Dad and the Horseless Carriage
        Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
        Old Cemeteries and Country Roads
        Calibrating the Tank
        South Kent's Sound of Music
        Cultivation and Aggravation
        Fred Chase
        Old Sawmills
        Isinglass Side Curtains
        Hanging the Scythe
        Water Works in Kent
        Burnett Brothers
        Vets, Farmers and Cooks
        Bill S.
        Work on a Small Farm
        Al Chase
        Mother Lode
        Artificial Breeding and the Sewing Circle
        Dedicated Workers I Have Known
        Blacksmith Brothers
        Garvey's Barber Shop
        Gymnastics with Nathaniel
        Frank Beach
        Spring Cooled Milk and Old Lew
        Cousin Earl's Seven Passenger Packard
        Bob Nisbet
        Sixty Years Ago on Wellsville
        Millard and the Sorrel Mare
        A Trip to Colligans
        A Frog Hearing
        Uncle Bob's New Anchor
        Sixth Sense
        Phinny's Fables
        Alert to Danger
        To the Poor House
        Pickup Trucks
        Inland Wetlands
        Earth Day
        Superstitions, Admonitions, and Humor
        Orlo and the Undertaker
        First Snowfall
        Jennings Farms
        S.J. Monroe
        Cleaning the Chimney
        Milt Hall
        A Funny Farmer and the Covered Bridge
        Cousin Orlo and the Trouts
        The Last Hog
        Uncle Watt Takes a Bath
        Old Prince
        Cousin Irv and Lilly
        Butterfat and the Housewife
        The Punkin Rollers
        Summer Kitchen and Water Vat
        Milk Stands
        A Neighbor's Funeral
        The Scents of Christmas
        Sal's Famous Remedy
        The Hired Men
        The Choppers
        Excelsior Rabbit and Ghost Fox
        Saucered and Blowed
        No Lights in the Horse Barn
        Shopping at Watsons
        First Ford
        Kent Market
        Our Barn in Winter

..Table of Contents, "A Lifetime of Stories".

        The Critics
        Early Life
        Charlie Russel and the Last Mile
        School Days and Horse Radish Roots
        Hazardous Bus Route
        Boyd's Auction
        Summer of 1930
        Gentle As I Be
        First Shotgun
        Thanksgiving and Aunt Gertie
        The Thomas Family
        Disappearing Relatives
        The Old House
        The Women
        Sympathetic Celie and the Heifer
        The Buck Stopped Here
        Farming Business
        Corn and Maple Trees
        The "Vetinarys"
        Married Life
        Old Will Sting
        The Air Raid Warden
        Coon Hunters and Air Raid Wardens
        War Times - Hard Times
        Bicycles and Ball Games
        Back to Dairying
        The Doctors
        A New Career
        A Criminal Act
        School Days at Hudson River
        Nanny Bush
        The Way It Was
        Early Morning Mists

..Table of Contents, "Remembering Yesterday". (Sold Out)

        Great Gramp's Tonsorial Parlor
        Confusion of Pheasants
        Pigtail Robin Hood
        Chickens and Foxes
        The Occupation of Farming
        Old Friends
        The Hemlock's Christmas
        The Deer Slayer
        Uncle Gord
        Snow Plows
        The Bridge Over the Willow Brook
        Mail Order Catalogs and How We Used Them
        Butchering with the Three Franks
        Skiing on the New Road
        Old Benedict Farm
        The Bill Martin Family
        School Days
        Boys and Tractors
        Old Newspaper Accounts
        South Kent in the 1920's
        Yankee Ingenuity
        Heredity and Houses
        Old '37
        Diversified Farming
        My Father
        Orlo Measures Mosquitoes
        First Twenty-two
        Photo Finish
        Two Sad Sisters
        The Whistling Engineer
        Train Depots - Rooster Boy
        Old Belle
        The Farmer
        No Family Farms
        Unfavorite TV Programs
        Sportsman and Unsportsman
        Haying Utensils
        The Last Steam Shovel
        F & R
        When Farmers Carried Rifles
        Snow Chains and a Disgruntled Neighbor
        High Standard of Living
        The Halls of Kent
        Grange at Bull's Hall
        Snow Storms and the Media
        Seventy Years of Observation
        Fixing Freezers
        Figures Can Scare You
        Hoeing Corn and Changing Times
        Along the T.V. Trail
        Memories Along a Country Road

..Table of Contents, "Fond Memories".

        Crows and Scarecrows
        Tom Austin
        Never Boring
        The Great Depression
        Unusual Sunday Morning Service
        Fill the Wood-Box
        Close Calls
        Teaching School
        Kent High School to HVRHS
        Kent Hollow
        Front of the Mountain
        A Farmer's Day
        Jake's Mules
        Barnyard Friends
        The Perfectionist
        Horse and Buggy Days
        Too Much Saleratus
        Making a Ladder
        Stone Boats
        Aunt Mary and Uncle Watt
        Phil, the Know-it-all
        Christmas in the Old Days
        Red Top Boots
        The Big Red Barn
        The Perils of Busing
        The Principal
        Chase and Giddings
        Colonel Nearing
        The Cattle Guard
        Pa and the Pie-an-er
        Four Generations at Christmas
        Enjoying Nature
        The Meadow Spring - Poem
        The Fur Buyers
        Behind in His Work
        Old Time Humor
        Ted Woodin, Town Father
        Fond Memories
        Sweepin' and Moppin'
        Put Up the Bars
        Old Ways
        The Four Seasons
        Corn Stalks
        Camping Out
        Waiting for Tomorrow - Poem

..Table of Contents, "More of Phil's Stories".

        Back in the Saddle
        Bull's Bridge
        Christmas at South Kent
        The Witch Hazel Brush Cutters
        Christmas Trains
        The Fourth in Kent
        Getting to School
        The Old Farm
        The Iron Monster
        The Lost Soul
        Just Plain Joe
        Kent Library
        The Ploughman
        Snapping Turtles and Wild Game
        Old June
        Home Place
        Landslides and Grandfathers
        Main Street, Kent
        Nathaniel Ashman
        The Porcelain Claybed
        Remembering the Kent Inn
        Willow Whistles
        Pa's Skills
        Raking After Cart
        Recycling Old Orchards
        Santa Paul
        The Singing Baler
        Tough Men
        Mr. Russel vs Billy
        Skiff Mountain
        The South Kent Buses
        White Shorts and Mud Baths
        A November Hunt
        Drowning Out Wood-Chucks
        Those I Remember on the South Kent Mail Route
        The Drowning at Mud Pond
        Jakey and the Stutz Bearcat
        Entertaining Events
        Remembering South Kent and Hatch Pond
        Mud Pond Road
        Father Sill and Friends
        The Shootist
        Thanksgiving Blizzard, 1938
        Frank Fish
        Old Time Religion
        Old Daisy
        The Distillery
        Ray Weeks
        Miss Ann Hopson
        Kent Police Force

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