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South Kent, Connecticut 06785

..Table of Contents, "A Lifetime of Stories".

        The Critics
        Early Life
        Charlie Russel and the Last Mile
        School Days and Horse Radish Roots
        Hazardous Bus Route
        Boyd's Auction
        Summer of 1930
        Gentle As I Be
        First Shotgun
        Thanksgiving and Aunt Gertie
        The Thomas Family
        Disappearing Relatives
        The Old House
        The Women
        Sympathetic Celie and the Heifer
        The Buck Stopped Here
        Farming Business
        Corn and Maple Trees
        The "Vetinarys"
        Married Life
        Old Will Sting
        The Air Raid Warden
        Coon Hunters and Air Raid Wardens
        War Times - Hard Times
        Bicycles and Ball Games
        Back to Dairying
        The Doctors
        A New Career
        A Criminal Act
        School Days at Hudson River
        Nanny Bush
        The Way It Was
        Early Morning Mists
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An old car in the barnyard of Willow Brook Farm
A horse drawn wagon under the command of a young teamster
A good day fishing on Mud Pond
Phil Camp with his team of horses on Camp's Flat Road
Website Title, Phil Camp's Stories
Collections of short stories about farming and rural life in South Kent, Connecticut.
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Book Overview, Country Living In Kent
Book Overview, A Lifetime Of Stories
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