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13 Mud Pond Road,
South Kent, Connecticut 06785

..Table of Contents, "Fond Memories".

        Crows and Scarecrows
        Tom Austin
        Never Boring
        The Great Depression
        Unusual Sunday Morning Service
        Fill the Wood-Box
        Close Calls
        Teaching School
        Kent High School to HVRHS
        Kent Hollow
        Front of the Mountain
        A Farmer's Day
        Jake's Mules
        Barnyard Friends
        The Perfectionist
        Horse and Buggy Days
        Too Much Saleratus
        Making a Ladder
        Stone Boats
        Aunt Mary and Uncle Watt
        Phil, the Know-it-all
        Christmas in the Old Days
        Red Top Boots
        The Big Red Barn
        The Perils of Busing
        The Principal
        Chase and Giddings
        Colonel Nearing
        The Cattle Guard
        Pa and the Pie-an-er
        Four Generations at Christmas
        Enjoying Nature
        The Meadow Spring - Poem
        The Fur Buyers
        Behind in His Work
        Old Time Humor
        Ted Woodin, Town Father
        Fond Memories
        Sweepin' and Moppin'
        Put Up the Bars
        Old Ways
        The Four Seasons
        Corn Stalks
        Camping Out
        Waiting for Tomorrow - Poem
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An old car in the barnyard of Willow Brook Farm
A horse drawn wagon under the command of a young teamster
A good day fishing on Mud Pond
Phil Camp with his team of horses on Camp's Flat Road
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Collections of short stories about farming and rural life in South Kent, Connecticut.
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